Christine Spencer is founder of Girltimecoaching, LLC and Author of Your Roots Are Showing


Christine is known for her optimistic outlook on life. A gypsy soul seeking “the next best thing” in any situation…a mom, wife, friend, author and certified life coach for women, she embraces her uniqueness, and shares that part of herself. An empowered woman is courageous, she inspires, and encourages, she believes in herself and her abilities to achieve anything, nothing is impossible. “I am just trying to figure this life out just like everyone else and all my perfect - imperfections.”



Christine lives on the north coast of California (wine country) with her best friend, aka hubby. Her passions are traveling, cooking and sailing. She enjoys chic flicks and the fact “Beaches” can still make her cry after watching it 100 times. Adores SATC. Christine’s volunteering and love of animals is fulfilled by being a seal docent during pupping season. Now, in her fabulous fifties, experiencing everything life dishes out to her with a “big-girl spoon”, sprinkled with laughter, she revels in self-love and respect.


Christine recently completed the project of writing her first book; “Your Roots Are Showing” - which focuses on the effects of our “roots” in our daily lives.  As women we are challenged every day with choices. The question is what will you do as you face each one. Some of the challenges will test our bravery, strength, limitations and belief. Along, the way we will stumble upon obstacles that lead us in a different direction; sometimes these hurdles are really a blessing in disguise (only we don’t realize that at the time).  We must be brave enough to stand “rooted” in the wisdom that there are no accidents and that everything is exactly as it should be. Every circumstance or situation is an opportunity to grow and learn, a chance to recognize our worth.