This is a perfect bedside book. The page numbers are irrelevant, there is no beginning and no end.  Read the bits YOU like...skip around with GRACE.  I ensure my words always come from a place of love.  It may give you the perspective, encouragement and support you need.

Always remember, you're not alone! 




Truly Defining "Roots"

Reviewed by Miranda J. 25/05/2014


Since the begining of time sharing has been the "root" of sisterhood, and Christine Spencer brings that in the forefront with "Your Roots Are Showing". Sisterhood is what brings together this sharing of personal struggle, pain, and revelations present in the lives of different women with entirely different experiences and stories, that when shared, prove it is the common bond of awareness to the pain of other's that brings us back to the "root" of what we are all here to learn from ourselves and each other. Let "Your Roots Are Showing" be the strength of sisterhood you need to set yourself free from your own entanglement of "roots" that don't need to define you in order to have meaning in your life.




Christine Spencer is gifted with an intuitive approach to guidin - May 23, 2014


Christine Spencer is gifted with an intuitive approach to guiding people back on the path to themselves, as a lifecoach, author and friend. She approaches this in each person on a middle ground that allows room for trial and error on both parts to ensure that she has been successful, without question, at custom designing a plan for each individual based on them entirely, while using her experience to draw from as reference, she does so without the limiting boundaries of generalizing. As a lifecoach her strength lies the a true gift of this ability as well as the GENUINE belief in every person that crosses her path, sometimes against all odds, that they are truly capable of accomplishing anything that is in their heart. Putting emphasis on that, and keeping it there, she is able to diminsh the obstacles and judgements many people tend to focus on instead of possibilities and what can happen through hard work and faith. Her energy is what truly puts her above the rest as she imparts that positive force without condition. "Your Roots Are Showing"; is a collection of experiences from a collection of women whose lives vary in the uniqueness of their personal journey and self, but manage to come together through Christine to show that strength in numbers is sometimes what it takes to see in one's self the ability to overcome. With a sense of humor and affirmations along the way, Christine reminds us all that the "Root" of strength is in the ability to maintain and never take yourself so seriously you fail to recognize that everyone has their own story, if you just choose to listen. And in that, support is never that far away when you need it.



A JOYFUL READ! April 29,  By LLF -  (Paperback)


What a lovely compilation of real life stories from women who have experienced personal and professional challenges in their lives. It's packed with insightful techniques on creating a life of respect and love for yourself and others. I enjoyed this book so much that I purchased several copies of it and took it to my monthly book club. Mind you this is not the typical read that we would usually consider for discussion, but the group of women in my club are best friends who have, like the stories in this book, all experienced in some fashion a challenge in their life that has made them stronger and perhaps changed the direction of their lives. We all loved the positive approach that this author has taken as she walks us through what it takes to have the courage to set our own destiny, to love ourselves and to embrace our failures and turn them into successes. This book provided for some lively discussion, great laughs, and a few tears. We are all a work in progress and need to be reminded often that we are not alone in our journey as women dealing with life's ups and downs. Ms. Spencer is someone that we would like to have as a friend - wish she was in our book club! This was a great read for all of us!




Inspirational and supporting, like an amazing bra!

April 16, 2014By Sausha Knott -This review is from: Your Roots Are Showing:  (Paperback)


Your Roots Are Showing may not be a trilogy and it may not be made into a movie, but it is a book you'll come back to time and time again. With advice and support for different hardships you may face, YRAS is like a wise girlfriend; one that may make you cry (the good kind of tears), make you laugh, and let you know your not alone. This book is inspirational, and worth buying ten times over.




Uplifting!  -April 16, 2014By Michelle Ceccacci - This review is from: Your Roots Are Showing:  (Paperback)


A wonderful and inspiring read! Empowers women to believe in and love themselves. A reminder that the bond of strong sisterhood and girl power can carry you through any challenge life throws our way!



Loved it!

April 29, 2014By REH -  (Paperback)


I am usually not a big fan of "self help" books, but my best friend gave me this book as a birthday gift. What a shock....I loved it. Read it from cover to cover in one sitting. The author approaches life's challenges in a very matter of fact way - she shares real life stories of women who have overcome personal tragedies, health issues, loved ones passing etc. This book reminded me of a tutorial on how to get your life back on track. I want to pull out the pages and post them next to my mirror so each morning before I leave for work I use the book's affirmations to guide me through the day. This book is easy to "psycho babble"...just thoughtful and compassionate wisdom to help you love your life and the people who are important to you



A breath of fresh air!  -April 17, 2014 By Irene Almacen - (Paperback)


This book encourages positive living and acceptance of oneself. It's about loving yourself and empowers you to overcome challenges in spite of adversity. These stories inspire you to channel your inner strength; to overcome struggles in life and to reinforce your faith. Highly recommended - purchased for (and loved by) two of my friends! 



Inspirational read!  -April 14, 2014By Kathleen R. Douglas (Paperback)


Finding a good book to read is sometimes a challenge, however when you find that right book you just can't put it down! This is one of those great books that I couldn't set down once I started reading!! It is inspirational and motivating to improve aspects of your life. This book includes personal experiences that prove you aren't the only person struggling through life! It offers life advice to help guide you through anything you're dealing with. This book has attitude, personality and a quirky spark that only Chris has! I loved reading this book and it is something I will continue to reference throughout my life! This book should definitely be in your cart!!



Powerful Stuff!    - April 14, 2014By Michele Bass - (Paperback)


Loved the upbeat, humurous voice as we are reminded of how fabulous and capable we all are. Inspite of the route our life journey takes, we can and need to be triumphamnt in realizing our personal potential and use the story of our journey as a catalyst for greatness. This book is funny, enlightening, heartwarming and REAL. Loved every second of the read!!



Loved this book!  -April 4, 2014 By Sandra M. - (Paperback)


I found this book to be loaded with inspiration and good thoughts to put into practice. An easy, fun read that was very heartwarming. I will definitely be gifting this book to my family & friends.



A Must Read!   - April 1, 2014By debbie -  (Paperback)


To be honest.. I really am not a fan of reading books!! I have to tell you once I started reading it I could not put it down.It is stories about personal experiences from a few women who all have gone thru experiences know one would want to.Christine is such a inspirational woman anything she does is beautiful. You might laugh a little and cry alot but I guarantee you, you will LOVE this book!! It will make you realize things you have gone thru have been experienced by other wonderful women and we all made it thru..We are all Sistas!! Enjoy...



AWWW INSPIRING!   -March 30, 2014 By SharonTracey -  (Paperback)


I started journalling many years ago as a means to gather my thoughts and feelings, the thing is I would start and stop again and again and again......When I read Your Roots Are Showing I thought WOW!!!! I could really resonate with the book and the women's stories in it. But, what I did take from the book is that whatever life experiences, life changes we are going through as women we are NOT ALONE.....Your Roots Are Showing shared stories of women who have had their own struggles on their journey through life.....It is through these life experiences and our own stories that allows us to learn and grow and become stronger individuals and yet again WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!! on this journey



Impowering!   -March 20, 2014 By Sandra Philbrick -  (Paperback)


The stories in this book are inspiring and uplifting. These are real women with everyday lives that you would pass by not knowing how strong, intelligent and spiritual they are. To have them share with Christine their most poignant, heartfelt, pieces of their lives left me almost feeling like I was intruding on their private pain, however the triumphant, undaunted spirit of all these women gave me something I have never found in any other book. The power they took from their pain, the courage and strength that they have from what they have endured. I had to open a box of Kleenex while reading Sparkle Starr. What a strong, incredible young woman she is. I could feel every word as I read her story.



This book is like chicken soup for the soul on spiritual steroids!  - March 14, 2014 By Terica A. Taylor


I really hate self help books in general. I love the idea of them- but once I get started... The seem to go on and on and on with much too much in the middle. I can't tell you how many great self help books I own and haven't read.This book is amazing. I got it Friday at 5pm and finished reading it at 9pm the same night.I laughed and shed a few tears.This book is like chicken soup for the soul - on spiritual steroids.



Uplifting!   - March 13, 2014 By marie gonzales -  (Paperback)


The book transports you to a Girlfriend's getaway where you are sitting around reaching into each others lives and sharing the good, the bad and the ugly and encouraging each to persevere. Each story reminded me of friends in my life who have encountered similar paths. It was encouraging to read the stories of others and hear of the positive changes that transpired. Truly inspirational. Christine is brilliant in putting together in words what is important in life in simple examples of life long principles to not just survive what life dishes out with COURAGE, but to hold up your head high with dignity and pride and continue to live a life of passion and self-worth! A book to pick up again yearly like your annual physical just to give yourself your own mental check up. Definitely a must read and purchase extra's to pass along to all girlfriends in your life.



Inspiring!  - March 12, 2014 By Miranda Jones -  (Paperback)


Christine is, and has always been known for her ability to help her clients cut through the confusion and internal dialogues that trap people through their own limiting self beliefs in a way that empowers instead of condemns. She is able to pass on a feeling of real hope and truly motivates her clients and the people in her life because she genuinely believes what they are capable of and wants only for them to realize it and make it happen, and live life to the fullest. There are few people capable of infusing others with the kind of positive energy that truly makes a difference the way Christine Spencer can. I reccomend this book to anyone just needing to know that so many people are carrying pain and fighting adversity ( internally and externally) and that we are here to help each other in whatever way we can. Everyone's path and pain is their own, but as Christine says, there is strength in numbers.